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Matric Result Autumn 2019 Semester AIOU


We know you people waiting for AIOU MATRIC RESULT AUTUMN 2019, no need to wait any more. The result for matric has announced. We will guide, through, all the process, how to check your result for matric class in semester autumn 2019.


Important Information Regarding Matric Result Autumn 2019

I am well aware, that Matric students have no knowledge, about some keyword, present at mark sheet. No worry at all, I will deliver every detail. I will be discussing, all problems you might face, while looking through, the mark sheet.

What is ABST is matric result

I am well aware, that you don’t have any idea what is ABST. I am here to tell you that, ABST is noting butt absent. That means, You have not attempted your paper and, there is no record of your presence.

What is AREAP in Matric Result 2019

Well students, no worries about this at all we are here, to help. We have knowledge, that Ar/Area is not but against reappear in exams. You know what, this one is very important wondering how?. Let me clear you this that after this mark saying, “AR/AREAP” means that this is your last attempt to go through. If you fail this one, you have to get admission again.

What is REAP in Matric Result

Guys, you know what, I am kind of enjoying this, telling you and removing all concussions you have there in your mind. No problem, let me clear this, that REAP is noting but second last chance to clear your paper. What if you couldn’t make through this one, cool down, you will have, another chance.

Please select your Program from the drop-down list, and enter your roll number and hit search. That would be it and you will have your results.



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